Astrology can help us understand more about ourselves and the people we love/date/hopelessly crush on—no matter their gender. For more deets on Libra compatibility, check out our guide to dating a Libra man and our gender-neutral guide to dating a Libra.

Crushing on a Libra woman? Of course you are! Libra women are notably the best out of the entire zodiac, and I'm saying this unbiasedly. Libra women's approach to life goes above and beyond.

Libra women may not fully understand you, but LBR, they really don't need to. With time, they evolve and adapt, molding themselves around you and creating harmony. Remember, Libra is represented by the scales. They seek peace and balance both inside and outside a relationship.

Ruled by the planet Venus, Libra women are a source of beauty and pleasure. Libra energy is gorgeous! Even in moments of clumsiness and disorganization, they carry themselves with a sense of pride. Libra is a cardinal sign and an air sign: Her seduction manifests itself through breathy displays of ethereal expression. To be loved by a Libra is to be actively blessed by the goddess of love and beauty. Congratulations on being her favorite!

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The Libra basics

Birthday: September 23 to October 22

Element: Air

Modality: Cardinal

Symbol: The scales

Keywords: Peace, harmony, justice, charm, aesthetic

Love anthem: "Belong To You" by Sabrina Claudio

Famous Libra women: Serena Williams, Lilly Singh, Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, Jordyn Woods, Doja Cat, Gwyneth Paltrow, Halsey, Bella Hadid, Dakota Johnson, Michaela Coel, Jenna Ortega, Naomi Osaka, Kate Winslet, Amber Rose, Susan Sarandon, Fran Drescher

A Libra woman’s best traits

The Libra woman’s best trait is the way she shows how much care she puts into everything. Libra is a zodiac sign that is known for its flair and fashion, which means you can expect for her to naturally feel drawn to aesthetics and beauty. She's always taking note on how makeup artists add color to the faces of models, and keeping magazine clips to add to her dream board. Her inspiration comes from being able to imagine and visualize how she could explore and experiment in regards to style. Granted, when she lacks the desire to doll herself up, you shouldn’t expect too much from her. We all have our down days, and a Libra woman is no exception.

When she’s cozy, similar to a Cancer placement, a Libra woman will opt for stereotypical yoga attire, sweat pants, and other forms of athleisure. It’s not that she wants to look like a bum or that she is being lazy, she simply recognizes that sometimes there is no need to do the most—and arguably, doing less might be what’s most appropriate. If by some chance you catch her going out, that’s when the theatrics grace her wardrobe. Makeup, wardrobe, props, and accessories will all add to her character. She knows how to be the main character when she wants to be, and appears to have a seemingly effortless “Marilyn Affect” when she wants to. Expect a glam face, accessories that tell a tale, and one-of-a-kind outfits. She has a way of captivating everyone whenever she decides to be seen. Some people mistake a beautiful woman for a villain; however, her true grace comes out in how attentive and considerate she can be. Now, you probably shouldn’t expect that show to be performed for anybody—she’s undoubtedly an exclusivity.

A Libra woman’s worst traits

Accountability, admitting to mistakes, and, dare I say, punctuality… My apologies to the Libra ladies, however, it must be said. We all have imperfections, and that's one of the best parts of being human. NGL, our ability to treat people’s mistakes, missteps, and misunderstandings with compassion and patience may help us have more compassion and care for our fumbles and flops. In fact, it might be what makes Libra women so great. Even though they can be questionably reliable, a level-headed Libra who’s done plenty of work on hereself goes through life with equity on her mind. Of course, like us all, Libra women do have moments when they get to shine as coordinating superstar, and of course, they also have notable experiences when they’re overcompensating for what they’re lacking.

Libra women can always benefit from practicing more accountability, punctuality, and dare I say, striking a healthy balance between the responsibilities they take on and the boundaries they set. Pun totally intended—they can get a whole lot more done when they scale their own and other people’s expectations. Astrologically, their struggle with developing secure plans can be seen by pointing to their solar house of routine in the mutable sign Pisces. (TBH, wherever Pisces is in our chart will indeed comes with challenges.) This can cause Libras to get so caught up in past sensations, memories, and spiritual reasons that it's a challenge to slog through obligations. Libras can be very spiritual, and as a result may excuse their tardiness or missteps. Instead of overcompensating, they could benefit from checking in and setting necessary boundaries to avoid overextending themselves.

An evolved vs. unevolved Libra woman

Here’s the Libra low-down: They aren’t the most complicated of the zodiac signs. In fact, they are pretty on brand. If a Libra woman is your friend or partner, she is of the greatest resources you will ever come across. The more they grow, the easier it is for them to discern how best to be available to you. At their best, they are exploring the world to collect different perspectives, always expanding their understanding so as to empathize with the world around them. Or depends on if you’re dating an evolved Libra or not.

An evolved Libra knows it is not in her best interest to make herself needlessly available to people that stunt her, while an unevolved Libra is a natural bully. Without even realizing it, an unevolved Libra can be condescending, taunting, and rude. Usually, it’s because of unresolved frustrations. Did I mention be careful about getting too close to Libras with entitlement issues?

The best matches for a Libra woman

For romance, pair a Libra woman with an Aquarius. Libra women pride themselves on being fair within their community. They want to give back; they're a woman of the people! Aquarius’ ability to hold space and be a community organizer, coupled with Libra’s ability to maintain tranquility, makes them a powerful couple.

Libra's sister sign, Aries, is another model match—if they are willing to work together. Aries takes the lead, while Libra is great at sharing ideas, fueling Aries' fire, and extinguishing their flames, when need be.

The worst matches for a Libra woman

A word of advice to Libra women: How about you don’t date a Virgo or Pisces? Of course, I know y’all are going to do whatever you want to do (insert eye roll here). The problem with a Virgo/Libra collaboration is that Virgos are all about serving and precision. Earth sign Virgo's preoccupation with picking up after earthquakes will naturally disrupt Libra’s method of operation. When Libra is expressing herself, Virgo will be quick to dot overlooked i’s and neglected t’s. That will make the Libra feel insecure or intruded on—not a good combo.

Pisces, on the other hand, can be a great coupling...if Libra enjoys having a chore for a lover. No offensive to Pisces, but Libra will spend so much time being available that eventually her needs will be neglected. Instead of two cute little fishies, Pisces becomes an anchor.

A first date with a Libra woman

A first date with a Libra does not have to be extremely elaborate. When a Libra knows what she needs and has set a plan to achieve it, you might as well respect the game. For a Libra who has the bandwidth to be emotionally available, take her somewhere meaningful. If you want her to be clear on who she’s dating, take her to one of your regular spots, especially if it's a coffee shop that not that many people know about, a hole in the wall restaurant, or an activist bookstore. If she can’t keep up or shows disinterest, that probably means you two won’t have a soul connection. No soul connection? Then she’s probably not your soul mate, it’s that simple.

During the first date, take the time to focus on her, gaining understanding of her interests and what she’s passionate about. Once your first date is done, you should know if you want to see her again.

Sex with a Libra woman

Simply put, sex takes time with a Libra woman. There is no rushing the process. First, you must show that you’re a person of substance. They want you to prove you're assertive and capable of following through on your intentions.

When the time comes, take the lead, respectfully. Libras are used to running around and handling the needs of others. Show an ability to match their energy and you will be rewarded. The more you show a willingness to leave your comfort zone, the easier it will be for them to escape theirs.

Sex with a Libra woman is like letting honey ooze and run down your skin. It is sexy, slow, messy, and photogenic. You will feel like time is moving slowly and escaping you at the same time.

A Libra woman’s romantic relationships

For Libra women, there is no if, and, or but. When they’re sure about a lover, they're all in. The had part is getting a Libra woman to be sure about you! Good luck!

There are at least two types of Libra ladies: October Libras and November Libras. October Libras, contrary to the name, might not be born in October, but they surely give off October vibes. They are more hesitant to put themselves out there and even less likely to juggle multiple people. If you’re getting the attention of an October Libra, it’s because you’re near perfect for them. Then there are the November Libras. They may prefer to keep to themselves and lose interest as quickly as they gained it, especially when they’re juggling multiple partners. Like the October Libra, the November Libra is a term used to describe a vibe. They’re elusive, and like the October Libra, they're particular and prefer a rare type of partner.

Either way, Libras are naturally and without hesitation able to turn on their charm. This could look like performing as if they know no way to flirt: fumbling over themselves, snorting when they laugh, and twirling their hair. Or stepping into their goddess persona: shoulders back, the edges of their mouth curled up, and lips pouting. Somehow, they know how to step into the warrior archetype, pursuing who they want without hesitation and wasting time. Being ruled by the planet of love, pleasure, and beauty, Venus, Libra knows how to have fun with her flirtations. You'll likely find her batting eyelashes and jesting at the person who’s receiving their affection. When she’s fully committed, she turns her energy towards her lover, showing a willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. She makes her feelings clearly known, surprising her lover with what it is they need, and stepping in the line of battle if someone threatens their love.

A Libra woman’s friendships

There are levels to friendship with a Libra woman. In the first stage, you probably shouldn’t expect much from her, unless you’re a friend of a friend. When you’re a stranger, you can anticipate that a Libra woman will be fun but independent. She may invite you to a cool bar that looks like a hole in the wall, but if you knock on a door, you’ll be led to a secret getaway with a pool and acrobatic performers. However, you'll be fooling yourself if you expect for her to handhold you throughout that experience. She’s off to cover her face with glitter, have her body painted, and gossip about knowing one of the owners.

See, the Libra woman usually has a million and one takes to manage, and while she's a total hoot to be around, she can be very unreliable—again, unless you’re a friend of a friend. If you have a mutual connection, then you’ll find that your Libra woman gives you a little bit more time and care, in part because she recognizes that people talk. How does the Libra woman know all the insider information? Because she’s outside picking tea leaves and drying them herself. She has to be careful when she knows how people can casually talk— because dear, she is people. As you enter her inner circle, you’ll continue to see that independent side. You shouldn’t take it too personally if she takes time to text back or hesitates when it comes to making plans. Chances are she has countless messages she has to reply to or texts she’s drafted and forgot to press send on. She does a lot, but once you get her attention, she will fearlessly show up for you.

A Libra woman at work

Remember a Libra woman’s worst traits? Well, as you imagine, they can also show up in the world of work. To draw on the work of psychologist and astrologer Dr. Jennifer Freed, we all have primitive, adaptive, and evolving forms of expression. The primitive form of self-expression is a like the concept of id in psychology. It’s more pleasure-seeking and less considerate of the feelings and thoughts of other people. When the Libra woman is acting primitively, you may get last minute cancellations for events she knew about well in advance. When she Libra woman is adaptive, she’s acting out of a place of her ego. She recognizes that in order to be perceived how she wants to be, she probably has to compromise a little. She might not perform her best work if she’s upset and she might struggle to compromise with people she disagrees with.

Finally, the evolved state of a Libra woman is one in which she recognizes that the workplace is a team environment. It’s less about what she believes is right and more about what’s best for the greater good. The best thing for a Libra woman is to work a job that she loves and feels spiritually connected to. If her soul is out of alignment with the work that she does, you truly will miss out on seeing the best of her shine. If she is in a position that she finds distasteful, she’ll find every issue, bug, and problem with her workplace. She’ll leave no stone unturned when uncovering all the issues that detract her from her job. In the worst-case scenario, she might even ghost an employer that’s a poor fit for her. The Libra woman thrives in an environment in which she can let her creativity shine. She’s all about ideas, imagination, and bringing the best out of any scenario. If she feels as though her creativity is stifled, then you will get shrunken and half-hearted efforts. Allow her to have creative freedom, and she’ll bring the most awe-striking ideas to life.

All about Libra women

Strong and delicate, Libras are in an ongoing state of dichotomy. They're continuously adjusting and altering themselves, changing as the wind blows. They are a cardinal sign and like the name suggests, they move at the speed of their own song.

There's no stopping or pausing a Libra—it’s best not to rush them. They know when it’s best to move or when to slow down. Represented by the scales, this is a sign that truly appreciates equilibrium, and they're not selfish. In fact, one of Libra’s greatest values is that they really value being fair. Thanks to their patience and willingness to release simple-mindedness, Libra is able to comprehend complex issues and find solutions. They were raised by tension and surrounded by compromise, so people with Libra placements can be loners and particularly sensitive.

Don't you dare waste a Libra’s time; they have far too many commitments to be taken for granted. Tip: If you’re on a Libra’s mind, it’s because they want you to be there. Why test a Libra when they want to care for you? Remember, Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, which means you will rarely catch them slipping. They're careful about the way they come off to people. They spend a good amount of time reflecting on their behavior and figuring out how to best present themselves. They are in a constant state of personal improvement.

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It’s important to give Libra freedom and the space to breathe. They're always on the go, and they need to be surrounded by people who can understand that. Life is short and previous, and Libras are well aware that life offers no refunds, or exchanges. Many people with Libra placements have had to learn that the hard way, which is exactly how they've learn to take things lightly. They're aware of how disruptive and stressful life can be, and they prefer to be calm.

Libras have no issues enjoying the finer things in life: Beautiful songs act as momentary escapes from the disturbances of life; unforgettable meals comfort them through difficult times; and tantalizing scents that remind them of happy moments in her-story. Libra is the perfect addition to any group. Like a diamond, she sparkles when she enters a room. Treat her as a rarity—it's what she deserves.

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