If you've seen one too many Marvel movies lately, you might be wondering whether or not the new Barbie movie has a post-credits scene. Will the audience get a glimpse of a new Barbie multiverse? Will Harry Styles appear in a completely unexpected role? Will it be revealed that someone the audience thought was dead is not really dead? These are all great questions, and without spoiling the movie for you, let's talk about it.

So, is there a Barbie post-credits scene?

Nope! I watched the credits until the lights came up in the theater and I didn't see one. And as of now there are no official plans for a second Barbie movie, so there's not really much to tease in a post-credits scene. I was, however, seriously hoping for a blooper reel to make me feel like it was 2003 again, but unfortunately, I didn't get one of those either. Release the footage, Greta Gerwig!! I know you have it!!

Okay, so... what am I supposed to look forward to after the credits roll?

Going to the bar with your friends to talk about the incredible movie you just saw! Not to spoil, but the film ends on a great note and there's a lot to unpack within it. This is the ideal movie to order some margs and really TALK about. Get into the DISCOURSE, etc.

But... what if I wanted there to be a post-credits scene?

I really don't know what to tell you. I'm sorry! Take it up with Greta Gerwig. Or don't. Your call.

Will I still like the movie even without a post-credits scene?

Yes, obviously. Are you kidding? It's the Barbie movie. You'll have a riot.


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